The Ugly Side of FIFA World Cup 2014


Welcome to the reality of the FIFA World Cup 2014 behind all the glitz and glamour


(Anti Brazil World Cup street art via Think Mexican and Indigenous Brazilian tribes protesting Brazil World Cup via Huffington Post and Amazon natives evicted to make space for parking space for Brazil World Cup via Anarcho Queer)

Vogue published an article online titled “12 Soccer Players Who Are Reason Enough to Watch the World Cup” today. My friends also (constantly) mentions their excitement over the upcoming FIFA World Cup games, as they closely follow the activity of their favourite soccer teams. A quick Google search of “World Cup 2014” shows results of predictions, interviews with soccer players and something about Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. What I notice missing are the discussions and articles on the impact this major event has had and is having on Brazilian people. I know government corruption, statistics of the poor and more proof of the fact that our society worsens as the rich get richer off the backs of the poor is not something a lot of people would take time to read. So I’ll just write a few statistics I’ve found online regarding the truth behind all the glitz and glamour of the FIFA World Cup.

  • The Brazilian government has spent billions of dollars in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2014, while the country has decaying hospitals/schools and 31 million people live on $1.25 a day.
  • The poorest 34% of people in Brazil receive less than 1.2% of the nation’s income.
  • Brazilian people all over the country protested against hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 because of the outrageous multi-billion dollar costs.
  • Children were killed by stray bullets during pre-World Cup police raids on favelas. Police even threatened to kill children in their mother’s arms.
  • By the beginning of this year, 3 construction workers had died due to the rapid construction of the stadium to be used for the FIFA World Cup 2014, which cost approximately £500 million.
  • People were violently evicted from their homes by policemen in order to make space for a parking lot for the games.
  • The women who make the World Cup balls earn $100 a month, even though a single ball costs $160.

Someone on Twitter wrote, “Brazil rolls out red carpet for the rich and sweeps the blood of the poor underneath it“. I think that sentence perfectly sums up everything that is happening and has happened. There is no justification for a government to spend billions of dollars on a single event thats lasts four weeks, when they have people in their own country who live every day without basic needs.

If you want to read more, here are some articles – Brazil: World Cup Gentrification Carried Out Via Gunpoint, Teachers Union and Anarchists Join Forces in Brazil, Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Taking on the Riot Police with Bows and Arrows and a 13 minute documentary titled Brazil’s Government Is Evicting People And Tearing Down Homes In Preparation For The Olympics And World Cup.

tumblr_n6mmzpEUEJ1qaz9lto5_500tumblr_n5rjphX22K1skhj2ro1_500tumblr_n6mmzpEUEJ1qaz9lto1_1280(Anti Brazil World Cup street art via Think Mexican and Brazilian protestors via 69beats and Anti Brazil World Cup street art via Think Mexican)


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