Hong Kong Island Part II


Beach hopping around Aberdeen and Repulse Bay

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On one of the rare sunny days we spent in Hong Kong, Bradley and I decided to tick “swim in the South China Sea” off our bucket lists. Let me tell you now, it was much easier said than done. Appearance wise, Aberdeen and the south is a lot different from the rest of Hong Kong Island. Where the colour palette of Hong Kong is generally green and grey, I would say the colour palette of Aberdeen is green and more green.

The first thing we did was check out Ocean Park, which was a bit of a letdown because we were expecting a theme park where you got wet (like Wet n Wild or Jamberoo). After that, we struggled to find a bus to take us to Stanley or Repulse Bay. We literally walked up to dozens of buses, walked up and down hills before realising we had no change for the bus fare. We approached countless strangers hoping to exchange our notes for coins and eventually found a kind stranger with a purse full of coins and directions to a bus heading towards Repulse Bay. By the way, this was on the sunniest day we experienced in Hong Kong, in 33 degree heat and humidity levels of 90%.

Finally on the right bus to the beaches, things were looking up. That is until the bus dropped us off to a stop where we could see no sand, no coastline and no signs pointing to any beach. After what seemed like hours of more walking, grumbling, sweating and almost tears, we finally found the shore. We came across a few beaches, but our favourite was definitely St. Stephen’s Beach. The water seemed cleaner, the air fresher and the trees were big enough to provide a comfortable amount of shade. There was music blasting through a boombox and massive rocks to climb that were big enough to sit on but still low enough to feel the coolness of the water as the waves hit the shore.

Just like that, the day seemed brighter and everything was okay.


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