Macau Peninsula & Taipa

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The perfect blend of European and Asian culture

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Funny story: After exploring Macau Peninsula, our plan was to catch the bus in time to make dinner and drinks at our hotel in Taipa. The bus driver told us that he was stopping at our hotel and so we hopped in, satisfied that we’d make it in time. We sat on the bus as the driver drove around every little Macanese street in the peninsula. Whenever we got close to driving across to the islands (where our hotel was), he would turn around again and dash any hope we had of taking full advantage of the free cocktails our hotel offered. After seeing every detail of Macau Peninsula, from the European inspired buildings to the stereotypically tiny and concrete Chinese apartments, we decided to get off at the next stop. It was our only chance of making it back in time. Here’s the punch line – the next stop was the stop where we got on. We had literally driven around Macau Peninsula in a circle. In the end, we caught a taxi and he got us to the hotel in half an hour, leaving us only half an hour to guzzle down as many cocktails and food as possible. It was frustrating at the time, but looking back, it’s a memory that I laugh at.

Before exiting the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, any ideas I had on the little SAR was completely based on what I saw on James Bond. I don’t enjoy gambling, so although I wanted to visit Macau, I wasn’t particularly excited. Funnily enough, our short time in Macau was the highlight of our trip. We did visit a few casinos and I saw some high-rollers casually drop thousands of dollars as if it was just loose change. But exploring and getting lost in Macau is what I enjoyed the most. Macau is a beautiful region with unique Portuguese and Chinese roots. The influences can be seen everywhere, from the cobblestone paths to the Chinese signs. Like I said before, it’s funny how two completely different things can come together to create something truly special. 

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Grand Hyatt Macau – an amazing hotel with the nicest staff! We stayed in a Club Room and got unlimited drinks and food. The room was the best hotel room I’ve ever been in and their facilities were equally as wonderful. We never wanted to leave.


Walnut cookies from any street shop


Club Lounge at the Hyatt


Visit the Ruins of the Church of St. Paul

Get lost in the quaint streets of Macau Peninsula

Shop around City of Dreams

Window shop at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

Learn about the history of Macau after the Portuguese arrived at Taipa House Museum

Visit Museum of Taipa & Coloane History


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