May Favourites


A few of my current favourite things from this month


Hacienda Sydney

My best friends and I had been planning to go to this gorgeous for ages, but things kept popping up and we’d always end up meeting at our regular spots. Finally, to celebrate my 23rd birthday, we pushed ourselves past the urge to Netflix and chill and it was so worth it! The view was incredible, their chorizo balls were delicious and Prima Royal cocktails were everything.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Slide – Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos

This is my ultimate feel-good song! Please excuse the crack on iPod screen as well… After 6 years, I finally dropped and cracked my screen when running to the train station.


Dear White People

While everyone obsessed over 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix show I couldn’t stop watching or thinking about was Dear White People. It was a great exploration into the Black Lives Matter movement and the different types of people involved within the movement. They explored issues like blackface, different types of privilege, homophobia, using racial slurs, police violence and even the complexity of accidentally being racist. It’s a fantastic show with hilarious lines, interesting characters and important points to make.


Raspberry & banana pancakes

Saturday is the only the week that I have time to sleep in and make a proper breakfast. So I promised myself that each Saturday, I would make my breakfasts/brunches really good. I’ve been trying different all sorts of pancakes, omelettes, waffles and any recipe with bacon. It may seem like something very small but now I actually find myself looking forward to Saturdays when I can finally rest and treat myself.


Embroidered mum jeans

My love for embroidery has transcended seasons. Throughout summer, I loved buying embroidered tops and jackets. Now I’ve been buying embroidered jeans and pairing them with either a cropped knit jumper or a white button-up shirt. As for denim, these days I’ve been obsessing over mum jeans or straight leg jeans with cuffed ankles.


Underground Railroad + travel books

Whenever I have spare time recently, all I’ve been doing is reading. I hit a reading slump a few weeks ago, and The Underground Railroad is slowly pulling me out of it. It’s a historical fiction novel based on a runaway slave, but the author has reimagined the Underground Railroad to literally be an underground railroad. It’s obvious that Colson Whitehead spent a lot of time researching this novel, as the details are so graphic and particular.

On another note, I’ll be going to Europe next week (it’s so soon!) and so I’ve been reading up on all the things I’d like to do; and also the history so that I can better appreciate the cities I visit. So far, my 23rd year is looking to be an amazing year!


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