Europe Summer Holiday Outfit Ideas


The looks I’m aiming for on my upcoming trip to Europe

I’m going to Europe in less than 2 days. I wasn’t really excited and I think it’s because I’ve been so busy at work and home that it didn’t feel real. But today, my friends were giving me suggestions and sharing their favourite memories and all of a sudden, I could feel the butterflies… So here’s an outfit ideas post to help me wrap my head around the kind of looks I’ll be going for while over there; and help you if you find yourself needing a little inspiration.



Roman holiday – imagine what Audrey Hepburn would’ve worn if Roman Holiday were filmed today


Window shopping in Haut Marais – something easy and comfortable to search for the best deals

Driving down the French coast – when the water becomes too irresistible, just take your clothes off and hop in!


Gallery hopping – nothing too extravagant because all focus is on the art

Flamenco dancing – be as fun, loud and flirty as the Spanish

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