Visiting Lady Carcas to hear her song

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I’ve been trying to write this post for the past week but my days here in Europe are flying by, and each minute is filled with exploring. Also, my internet sucks.

One of the first places my cousins took me to when I arrived was Carcasonne, a small arrondissement towards the south of France. On the way, my cousin told me a popular legend about a Lady named Carcas. During war, her people were trapped in the castle and running out of supplies – all they had were wheat and a pig. She had the brilliant idea of feeding the wheat to the pig and putting the pig over the walls, tricking their enemies into believing they had such an abaundance of supplies that they had enough wheat to even feed their pigs. Once she saw the enemies were disheartened by this, she rang the bells and rallied her soldiers to attack; hence, Carcas sonne (song) or Carcasonne.

I’m not sure if the legend is real but being in the castle still gave me goosebumps.

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Cité de Carcasonne is a World Heritage Site and after walking through the amazing fortress, learning about the intricate details and seeing the breathtaking views, it was obvious why. Although I truly appreciate architecture, landscape and history, the romantic and lover of stories in me overcame everything else. All I could think about was: “did Carcas walk down these halls?”

I saw the gardens and imagined this is where she’d come when she needed a break from the war. I walked up the steep steps and imagined how fit she must’ve been to climb the staircase in her heavy skirts. I stood by the windows and imagined that this city of red, orange and green is what encouraged her to keep fighting.

And, of course, I kept my ears perked for any sound of her song.

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