What’s in my bag: Barcelona holiday

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Everyday essentials when you’re travelling, particularly in Barcelona

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If it isn’t obvious from the title, I’m currently in Barcelona (more on that later). As we’ve been having late nights and early mornings, I’ve been keeping (or transferring to my handbag) certain things in my backpack each day, making it super easy for me to go about my day and have everything I need. I just wanted to share all my essentials in case it helps someone, but mostly because I love making lists.

For the record, this is also what I put in my bag in other cities… I just swap the Lonely Planet book!

  1. Marc Jacobs travel wallet – I keep one travel money card on me as well as a bit of cash. My friend once withdrew all her pocket money and then had her purse stolen on the first day. Learn from her mistake!
  2. Sunglasses & glasses
  3. Portable charger – I didn’t think I’d need it because my battery is still really good and usually lasts almost the whole day. Luckily I decided to be safe and because all the photos I’ve been taking and sharing on social media really drains my battery; plus all the times we’ve used the map, etc., it’s become an essential.
  4. Lonely Planet Pocket guidebooks – I know it seems dorky but these guidebooks have great context, tips, fun facts, history and they’re the perfect size.
  5. Passport
  6. Keys for luggage (not pictured)
  7. Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick & Liner
  8. Rimmel eyebrow pencil
  9. Chanel healthy glow sheer powder – I mainly use it for the mirror. I try not to use too much makeup on holiday to let my skin breathe.
  10. Dettol hand sanitizer
  11. Yves Saint Laurent travel perfume
  12. Aēsop facial spray – I just use this when my skin’s feeling really dry or in need of something soothing and subtle. Plus it’s got rose and chamomile in it so it smells glorious.

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