Vatican City


Just a girl, Michaelangelo’s masterpieces and…a million other tourists.

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Our journey in Italy didn’t start well. Our plane from Toulouse was delayed and the water they provided was warm. It had only been a few days since I arrived from Sydney, so I was also fighting jet lag. When we finally reached our accommodation in Rome, the room hadn’t been cleaned – there were used bed sheets and towels on the bed, unfinished food and drinks in the fridge and even a left over suitcase. When the cleaners finally arrived, we had already stripped the beds and put as much stuff in the bin as we thought necessary; so when the cleaners picked up where we left off, we decided to grab dinner.

Tired and hungry, we walked aimlessly around Rome. Within minutes, we found ourselves strolling through a tunnel only to accidentally stumble across St. Peter’s Square. pjimageIMG_7072

Even now, I can remember the wave of excitement that immediately replaced our weariness. Because it was the evening, the square was empty and we had the chance to revel in the majesty of it all. In that moment, I hadn’t yet learned the luxury of being able to take photos without a whole crowd of other tourists in the background (or walking in front of your picture…), so I’m glad we took as many pictures as we could.

We went home that night feeling energised (not just because of the food) and ready for the next day, which was a big day of exploring the wonders in the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica.IMG_8920pjimage (1)

Tip: It’s unavoidable and ironic (seeing as I was a tourist myself) but the only downside was the tourists. We bought skip the tickets which I would 100% recommend to everyone, but if you’ve got money to splash, get a private tour guide. As much as I adored seeing everything, I felt rushed and constantly dazed as I wasn’t able to let the fact that I was standing in front of masterpieces sink in.


6 thoughts on “Vatican City

  1. True, the irony hits me hard too when I see other tourists like myself and feel overwhelmed by the crowds. These days I have started considering the off peak season when I plan a visit to a city, sometimes the offset could be very attractive. But then again, for places like the Vatican, there probably is no low season at all!

    • Funnily (and luckily), I did go to the Vatican during off-season! We also bought skip the line tickets to visit the museum which was an exorbitant price but SO worth it after we saw the queue. Total first world problem but it’s hard to enjoy the beauty of our world when so many other people want to as well!

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