I’m Stuck

annie-spratt-113596So here’s my first attempt at becoming unstuck.

After a month-long series of unfortunate events, I’ve found myself completely unmotivated creatively and struggling to concentrate on anything. I can barely finish a page of a book (I haven’t read a book in a month!), I haven’t listened to any podcasts or finished a good movie/TV series because I keep zoning out; I haven’t even written anything more than what’s required from me at work. Three ways I’d describe myself as include: a writer, a reader and a lover of arts. That’s why this “block” that I’m finding myself in has me feeling not like myself at all.

Frankly, it sucks.

I figure the best way for me to get “unstuck” is to just do what I love, until I start loving it again. So here’s a list of all the things I’m going to do in my attempt to become motivated again… Wish me luck!

  1. Write something (anything) at least once a week. Articles for work don’t count.
  2. Read at least one chapter of any book a day.
  3. Hunt for more magazines like Cereal and Fare.
  4. Stop snacking unhealthily and eating out as much in hopes that a happy body equals a happy mind (or is it vice versa?). I’ve eaten so much Kit Kat Tiramisu over this past month that I’m probably now made up of 90% Kit Kat Tiramisu.
  5. Listen to one episode of any podcast once a week.
  6. Find a new TV show to watch when I have downtime.
  7. Buy fresh flowers every week because seeing them makes me happy.
  8. Walk my dog more often, for longer.

Image by: Annie Spratt


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